Smartwatches have been around for a while, but the craze and crave for, these devices boomed in 2012. The outcome today is a wide range of smartwatches from different brands appealing to different subsections of consumers. The smartwatch is perhaps the most noticeable gadget in the wearable industry and this growth is mainly driven by the lower prices and the features they come with. Despite the contentious views and the equally promising stance on these gadgets, their popularity has continued to rise among the consumers as many brands are continuously being launched in the market. The modern-day smartwatches are much better and advanced and can perform numerous functions with or without being paired with a smartphone.

Since technology is ever-growing and evolving, we can witness a change in demand when it comes to smart devices, especially smartwatches. While some people prefer conventional watches, the basic function mainly being timekeeping, there are those who are looking for more from their accessories and are investing in smartwatches. It is true that smartwatches are still relatively new in the world of digital devices and this means that those who have not yet purchased one before might feel that selecting the right smartwatch is an unnerving undertaking.

Even though smartwatches can come with similar functionalities such as delivering notifications, GPS tracking, and pedometer, they also vary in attributes and styles, for instance playing music and keeping track of the user’s health. If you are a new user and want to make sure that you purchase the right smartwatch that fits your lifestyle and spending budget, then here is a guide on buying the best smartwatch.

Smartwatch Compatibility

This is the first thing you should consider when buying a smartwatch is device compatibility. While most smartwatches were designed to be companions to your smartphone, before purchasing one the first thing that you must check is its compatibility with your device. For instance, for the ones who are looking into getting an Apple smartwatch, they will only be able to watch the pair with an iPhone. There are also some certain smartwatches meant for Apple, such as Fitbit Versa, that have extra functions for the users of Android devices. So, if you are worried about the compatibility of your smartphone to a smartwatch, there are a wide range of brands of smartwatches built to connect to both IOS and Android devices.

Display of a smart device

There is a wide variety of smartwatches in the market and surprisingly, not all the smartwatches come with a color display. There are some smartwatches, such as Bluetooth Tough Solar Super Illuminator and Casio Edifice, which have Bluetooth and phone companion functionalities, but on the outside look like the conventional timekeeping watches. In the long run, one of the initial decisions you have to make when purchasing a smartwatch is whether you want one with a touchscreen and a color display, or a smartwatch which has a conventional look on the outside but does much more such as having a find my phone feature and perpetual calendar. One thing that you should bear in mind is that although a touchscreen with color display appears to be the best choice, it tends to use more battery power than the ones without color display. The choice is yours.

Fitness Tracker Features for Sport

Most of the smartwatches in the market have fitness features. However, not all smartwatches support this feature. If you already have a fitness routine or are intending to start one soon, having a smartwatch with a feature specifically designed for fitness tracking can be very beneficial to your lifestyle. Many smartwatches with this feature usually come with multimedia capabilities. Such smartwatches can also come with a heartbeat rate monitor and pedometer for those who want to keep track of their health. Smartwatches designed for fitness have the ability to track various sports. Therefore, fitness smartwatches tend to suit a wide array of lifestyles and so it is definitely a feature that should be taken into consideration when buying your smartwatch.

Mobile Payment Ability

In modern society, most people prefer convenient shopping. If you are among those who prefer efficient and convenient shopping then you probably do not like messing around with your credit card or cash on the go. Shopping has now been made easier with the introduction of smartwatches since, just like smartphones, they have the capability to make payments. In fact, Apple smartwatches do not even need to be paired with an iPhone to make a mobile payment. Watches such as Kronaby have this functionality. There also a number of designs and styles of watches which have the option of adding the payment function to enable cardless payment.

Budget – and what about the price?

The most important recommendation in the list of what to consider when buying a smartwatch is your budget. Your budget is usually up to you and your financial circumstances. There are many different brands of smartwatches to choose from, some of which are renowned and some without a popular street name but offering similar functions. Nevertheless, the bigger the budget of your smartwatch the more the features and capabilities it will come with. When it comes to the price range, smartwatches cost of around $80 to over $500 depending on the brand and features. At the top of the price range, you will often be paying for premium materials, luxury designer decorations, and brand, such as diamond, gold or semi-precious stones, rather than the functionalities of the watch.

Usually, price is by no means an indicator of the performance of a smartwatch. It is true that paying more may get you some advanced features such as premium materials, activity tracking, and perhaps a strap and bezel made of durable material instead of plastic. New models, especially from popular brands, usually come with a higher price tag. Therefore, you should shop carefully and pick the appropriate model according to your budget, and you may also be surprised at how less you may spend when you identify the right smartwatch.

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