Gone are the days when watches were worn for the mere purpose of knowing what time of day it was. The variety of smart wrist gadgets available today come enabled with functions that allow you to measure your heart rate, remotely access your phone, check and reply to your messages, act as a scheduler, track your fitness activities and also tell time. Top smartwatch manufacturers today are trying to combine the app-heavy watches with sporty fitness trackers to provide users with an ideal and a well-balanced product.


Can a Smartwatch Help You With Your Fitness Goals?

Smartwatches from brands like Apple and Samsung that were historically more focussed on complementing their smartphones are now marketed with unique fitness apps that can not just help you attain your fitness goals, but also keep a track of your health situation. However, if fitness is your main objective of investing in a smartwatch then, an affordable fitness tracker like Sinji can help you track your steps, sleep, calories and activity. For those seeking deeper analytics of their fitness, Apple’s Activity app is capable of offering detailed metrics of daily activity along with long-term trends. Also, if your activity levels reduce the app can provide coaching to help you improve the levels of your exercise and movement.


Fitness on Your Wrist

Most smartwatch brands offer fitness trackers as a core feature. A good smartwatch will come with a pedometer and a fitness tracker and can not only count your steps but can also calculate distance, heart rate, calories, sleep duration, pulse rate, etc. Some watches are completely waterproof as well and can be an ideal option for avid swimmers.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch can detect and track more than 39 different exercises, along with keeping track of your sleep and heart rate. It comes embedded with guided breathing exercises and a wide range of workout programs to help you relieve stress and stay fit. These watches allow you to exercise in a group where you can share your fitness information, compete with your friends and motivate each other by setting fitness goals.

The latest Apple Watch Series 4 comes equipped with an ECG feature in its heart rate tracker. This makes it an ideal watch for those suffering from heart issues. This smartwatch is capable of testing your heart and checking to see if you are at risk of atrial fibrillation. This allows you to seek help before it is too late. While it may not be a relevant feature for all fitness seekers, it can be a life-changer for others.



Trusty fitness trackers can genuinely help you stay accountable for your health condition. Be it a pricier Apple, Samsung or a Fitbit smartwatch or a more affordable fitness tracker like Sinji, these sleek and elegant wrist doctors can keep you focused and help you achieve your fitness goals. Browse these ultimate wrist gadgets on Smartwatchmaster that has a wide range of some of the best smartwatches of 2019. You are likely to come across some interesting features that cater to your specific fitness requirements.

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