About us

SmartwatchMaster was born out of a love of the latest gadgets and trends in technology, gifts, and innovations. Our team is made up of early adaptors, geeks and folks who love to stay ahead of the curve in their respective niches.

SmartwatchMaster is a renowned international online tech company that specializes in selling trending and up-to-date smartwatches. Founded in 2013 mainly to the passion of different trends and gadgets of technology and innovations. Dozens of big companies, both traditional and upstart are creating smartwatches to deliver applications, notifications and more to your wrist. From a large pool of manufacturers, SmartWatchmaster collects the best user-friendly products and puts it at your disposal. The expert analysis and distribution of trendy watches remain integral to the DNA of the company.

We take great pride in our customer service and ship to you anywhere in the world. Our team come from all backgrounds and countries and are always happy to help our customers have a very pleasant, memorable shopping experience. We are a passionate team of individuals who are always seeking out the latest devices or gifts that we know will change your life!

Don’t like it? We’ll be sad, but we’ll take it back. Refunds Are 100% Guaranteed.
We’re here to make things easy.

An exclusive online store that delivers products at your doorstep all around the world. We have been privileged to work and satisfy thousands of customers based on our reviews and we are glad to introduce the 99% Discount on selected items.

Established seven years ago, SmartWatchMaster was created to help buyers in selecting the best watches among a pool of manufacturers and give you the best platform where you can compare and select the smartwatch that suits your needs. Over the years we have customized our websites to help you select the best smartwatch you will need.
Smartwatches have been present for about seven years serving clients from different parts of the world. From the array of our experiences, we take pride in offering user-friendly, trendy, affordable and customizable products. We value our customers and that is why we look for ways to improve our services. We have a 24/7 customer service that can help you choose the smartwatch of your choice.

Our customer service extends to free shipping when you purchase products more than $40. We accept different forms of payment and soon we are introducing the cryptocurrency payment. We value your privacy and therefore all the payment information is secured. We have customized our website in such a way that you get options as per your budget, which makes it easy to compare different products.


Our vision is to meet the dynamic paced innovations within the digital industry. SmartWatchMaster is the source that bridges the gap between customers and different developers providing products that fit your personal style, your budget, and your lifestyle.

Our Aim

  • Continue research on the customers’ needs
  • Educate our customers with new innovation
  • Deliver Increasing value to our customers
  • Scaling for expansion to reach the largest market

Our Team

Our team is composed of innovative and early geeks who like to keep up with technology. We are passionate and seek to explore different gadgets that come up to make our life better. Our team is composed of people from different part of the world who possess different innovative and technological skills that make our company one of the sought after tech company. With our vast experience, we source the trendiest, unique, compatible and innovative products that make your shopping experience worth the while.