What Does a Smartwatch Do?

Smartwatches are as recent as the last decade when tech companies started manufacturing watches that had a smartphone-like capability. Today, big-league players like Samsung, Apple, Sony, and newcomers like Sinji offer a variety of smart gadgets that can be worn on your wrist. They allow you to access your phone, track your health and fitness and perform a variety of functions by tapping your wrist.

Fact One – Connectivity

Smartwatches were initially designed as a complimentary gadget to your smartphone that allowed you to view notifications, answer calls, see messages and perform a multitude of activities without lifting your phone. These gadgets connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth and therefore, it is important to ensure that the Operating Systems of both the gadgets are compatible and can work in tandem.

Fact Two – Look and Display

As these gadgets are worn on your wrists, most companies strive to provide an elegant looking device that allows the user to work comfortably. Most of the latest range of smartwatches come with an AMOLED display which facilitates richer images and bright colors. While old school design devices come with buttons, touchscreens are always a more popular option.

Fact Three – Features and Apps

Most smartwatches come with some common features like calendar, anti-lost function, remote camera, calculator, etc. With continuous innovation and enhancements, the newer versions of these gadgets come integrated with all the features of an effective fitness tracker. They have inbuilt GPS tracking sensors that allow the user to explore outdoors without any fear of losing the way. You can even access your music via them.

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Fact Four – Fitness

Smartwatches available today are a perfect amalgamation of phone, watch and fitness tracker. A good smartwatch comes equipped with features like a pedometer, sleep tracker, calorie tracker, pulse rate, etc. The latest Apple smartwatches come with ECG features that can accurately track heart rate and alert the user in case required. Some watches are highly water-resistant making them wearable for all outdoor activities, including swimming.

Fact Five – Battery

The high-resolution display screens and sleek designs usually mean a lower battery life. Unlike their predecessors, the latest smart wrist gadgets can last up to many hours and some can even stay alive for multiple days. After all, what is the point in owning a smartwatch if it requires repeated charging?

In Conclusion

Smartwatches are curious little gadgets that have completely transformed the smartphone industry in the last few years. Most of these phone accessories work just as well even without access to the phone. The good looks are an added benefit as they appeal to both men and women alike. These stylish wrist bands can make you seem elegant and savvy at the same time. Manufacturers are striving to make these watches are faster, lighter and longer-lasting with every version that gets released in the market. You can browse some of the top smartwatches of the year 2019 on Smartwatchmaster. With a vast range of brands, you are likely to come across options that fit your unique requirements.

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