Smartwatch technology has come a long way since the introduction of the first-ever digital watch way back in 1972. Their increasing popularity in the mainstream consumer market, over the last few years, has enticed manufacturers to innovate and upgrade this gadget on a more regular basis. These wearables allow you to view all the necessary notifications that come in your phone, make calls, listen to music and connect with people. Most brands market smartwatches that are capable of functioning without your smartphone. Manufacturers today are spending more than ever to upgrade and innovate their brand of watches. Let us review some of the latest features of these watches that are a must-try this year.


Longer battery life

We all go through that feeling of despair when your heart sinks every time you pick up your gadget and realize that it is running low on battery. A common problem in older versions, some of the best brands today offer watches that can last for days on a single charge. The fully loaded Samsung Galaxy watch is the perfect combination of good looks and an unbelievable four-day long battery life.


ECG Feature

The latest Apple Watch Series 4 comes with an ECG feature within its heart rate tracker. An ideal watch for those suffering from heart issues, this smartwatch is capable of testing your heart and check if you are at risk of atrial fibrillation, thereby, allowing you to seek help before it is too late. While this may not be a relevant feature for everyone, it can be a life-changer for others.


Contactless Payment

The latest Fitbit Versa comes equipped with the Fitbit Pay feature for convenient and contactless payments. These payments are faster and you don’t have to dig into your wallet every time to fish out your cards or phones.



What is the point in having a fitness smartwatch that you can’t wear while running in the rain or while swimming laps in the pool? The term ‘waterproof’ can never be taken literally when it comes to tech gadgets as most of them are ‘water resistant’. Most smartwatches launched in 2019 come with water-resistant capabilities making them wearable for all outdoor activities, including swimming. Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music is the best of the lot.


More for the Cost

While smartwatches are still considered as expensive accessories for phones, manufacturers are continuously striving to reduce the cost and increase the features. Better affordability is, definitely, one of the more attractive features of smartwatches in 2019. Ticwatch E2 is one of the most stylish and budget-friendly watches this season.


Final word

Smartwatches are the ultimate gadgets. These phone accessories are also capable of tracking your location and monitoring your heart rate without pairing with a smartphone. Have I mentioned the good looks? These stylish wrist bands can look powerful, elegant and savvy at the same time. And, with every version release, these watches are becoming faster, lighter and longer-lasting than ever. Browse best smartwatches of 2019 on Smartwatch Master and you are sure to come across some interesting features.

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