You may buy a smartwatch because it looks stylish and cool, but these ornamental gadgets have actually been known to save lives in some cases. Many fitness focussed smartwatches, especially the ones marketed by Garmin and Fitbit, are capable of keeping a track of your daily activity, sleep duration, calorie count and map your movements with location tracking. However, these wearables have come a long way from giving us badges if we beat our best running times or hit 10,000 steps.


Smart Health Watch

Today, Smartwatches are capable of picking up our heart rate by accurately tracking the pulse – known as Stethography. The latest Apple watch is known to come equipped with the most accurate sensor. According to the research conducted by Switzerland based MDPI, Apple watch came up with the least amount of errors in energy expenditure (EE) and heart rate (HR) calculations. The Apple watches are also capable of detecting any abnormal logs based on the wearer’s history.


How do they work?

Fitness trackers that just track your steps and tell time are declining in popularity. They are now being replaced by tech-savvy smartwatches that are not just capable of accurately measuring your heart rate but, can also provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your health condition based on the data accumulated.


Atrial Fibrillation is a heart condition that causes over 125,000 deaths every year in the US. The latest Apple Watch Series 4 comes with an ECG feature capable of testing your heart and checking if you are at risk of atrial fibrillation. This feature built within its heart rate tracker might not seem important to many buyers. However, for others, knowing that your risk factor is continuously being monitored, can be a life-changing experience.


According to the American Heart Association, nearly one in two Americans suffers from high blood pressure. While most sufferers are not aware of their ailments, it does not help that blood pressure monitors usually come as bulky cuffs. However, with Omron’s sleek and smart Heartguide, you can now track your BP without looking hideously out of place.


The Breitling smartwatch is another example of a watch coming to your rescue in emergency situations. This classic luxury wristwatch comes with a built-in emergency beacon that can send messages via satellite and is not dependent on the availability of cellular service. Local emergency services can come to your rescue as this beacon will alert them of your location as well.



While shopping for a smartwatch, most of us will not consider the possibility that this gadget can actually help us stay healthy and, in some instances, even save our lives. Technology companies have packed these little devices with various health and safety measures that can prove to be real lifesavers. The internet is filled with dramatic stories of smartwatches coming to the rescue of its wearers. If this article has encouraged you to invest in a smartwatch then you can find their extensive collection at Smartwatch Master.

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